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Rotary clubs many initiatives in the UK such as the Rotary Youth Leadership Award that aims to help young people to

Rotary are renowned for their assistance to disaster areas and support ShelterBox who are invariable one of the first

Rotarians get involved in their local community by raising funds to support local clubs and organisations .

They also get involved in “doing things” as projects or one-off ‘s to help with specific problems in the community. See Osyteers

develop their leadership skills. Or promote various competitions for young people - Young Chef, Young Writer, Young Photographer  and more.

organisations to arrive.

End Polio Now, Tools for Self Reliance, Bikes 4 Africa are just some of the charities we work with.






Oswestry Cambrian Rotary
Rotary is about making new friends whilst engaging socially and working on a variety of community related projects. Our objective is simply to help both our local and worldwide communities. Joining Rotary can open up huge networking opportunities to benefit you and your business.

Our Club will consists of a cross-section of people from all parts of Oswestry’s business, professional and local community so its members come from all walks of life.

By taking part in local, regional and national Rotary initiatives, you can meet a wealth of other interesting people.

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